A collection of my work

Texture Exploration

looking at combinations of textures and a method for building text that gets filled with ooze. Generates meshes with cinema 4D pyro

Runner Boot

showing off a kind of three layer polymer mesh that was in production as part of a footwear campaign. cinema 4D + Redshift

Exodus Idents Development

Working up ideas produced for this crypto services client. Aiming to encapsulate several strands of the clients business within just a few short moves.

Ecosia Promotion

Animation made with love because...

Face to skull experiment

i had some bulbus lettering that we wanted to rapidly snap morph into an alternative letter or shape. it wasn't working as well as hoped so it ended up get a little balloon like expansion & colapse. No better mans head to blow up than bolsonaro. so i grabbed one of them and a skull to figure it out.

2016 showreel

older collection of work, many new things coming soon

Medieval Animation

Terry Gilliam is a bit of a legend really. i wanted to marry the style he invented with the equally fantastic work of medieval ecclesiastical artists. All of which was flowing with the demographic for this project. some heavy lifting in ps, all brought together in Ae. plenty of look dev went into this one.

oldshool Vhs Board Game

it never ceases to amaze me how even i now find the aesthetic qualities of Vhs alluring. Given that much of the 90's we lived in desperate hope that the dynamic range of film would somehow jump species and free us from its videographic tyranny. cinema 4D and Ae post compositing and FX.

Harry potter Mobile Game

This was the fourth instillation of this project that i worked on as both project lead and artist. the challenge as always was in building juicy scenes from flat artwork. All ps and Ae.

F&D 3D sketch & poem

this piece attracted a surge of interest for this client, the idea is simply sketches set to a rhyming narrative. the twist was making those sketches within a 3D world. cinema 4D with techniques via sketch and toon (and its limitations).

stable Difusion Research

i aint a scared of no A.i. Well i wasn't until i had a go of it. The controversy is serious, well justified and complex. i wanted to see if Stable Diffusion could be cajoled into giving me animation assets or at least an animatic. to some degree it worked to interpret my imagination, but can it interpret a clients...

Beach Ball

These sales promo variations are aimed at tight spots on digital platforms. Modleing and texturing the beach ball took time as did getting the deflated dynamics right

3D stop Motion & cloth

this project exists for no other reason than; i really wanted to. i always come back to the work of eadweard Muybridge and had i the time, i would explore this much further.

NFT for Matel Barbie/Balmain colab

An interesting project that was carried out for Matel who auctioned three of these animated loops as part of their collaboration with the fashion brand Balmain.

Battle Line 2.5D

Another project for the Friends & Dragons mobile RpG that sought to utilise 2D character artwork assets in new ways. 2.5D combined with projection in AE.

journey into UX

We wanted to map out the players experience for them both figuratively and literally. each marketing beat being tied to a waypoint on the map. Within that map i wanted to see each waypoint brought to life with a wee animations for increased interest.

F&D 2.5D & projections

i really wanted to see how far we could push a single psD image with the 2.5D and projection combo that i have developed. Really important knowhow was gained along the way and the quest yielded a higher value end result for the client.


Hi, i am an Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist with about ten years experience in the field of digital production. i work directly for brands and studios alike. i've worked in zones varying from documentary, to video games, to NFT's. i like to think of Motion Graphics, not so much as a beast that lives in isolation, but as an animal that exists along side all the other animals in the production jungle. As such, i embrace not only the craft of making graphics that move, but also the craft of meshing motion graphics with the broader world of commercial creativity. i find the artistic and technical components of this work enjoyable in equal measure, and i do enjoy the challenge of guiding a team (and sometimes client) through this stuff, to make the best thing we can, together.


  • Art direction & concepting
  • Motion Graphics (2D & 3D)
  • 2.5D paralax & projection Animation
  • character animation and rigging
  • software: Adobe, cimema 4d, Redshift, blender, Unreal engine
  • code: HTML, css, js